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With the internet, it is much easier to consider doing business globally, but the question is how to go about it. The language barrier is just one issue, cultural differences, money exchange are another, not to mention the time zone variations. Etiquette and protocol differences that range from country to country which can be a whole other issue entirely.

Are you a US company looking to establish a business pesence in a German speaking country such as Austria, Germany or Switzerland? We have the native German speakers that have the know how to get you started the right way.

What about an Austrian company hoping to make a seamless transition to America? Denise Clarke, President of Action Marketing Team, is an American citizen that can assist you in not only the language, but the cultural aspects of blending in. Many European's only "think" they understand what is really happening across the pond. Why take a chance of failure when the "A" Team is here to help YOU!

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Millions of web sites are designed and published every day ... in all languages and topics. You need a long term and intelligent internet marketing strategy.

An optimized web site using up to date google algorhythms, with SEO web design in mind, one that is mobile browser enabled will generate more internet traffic, drive more leads, get more phone calls and make more sales ... this equals MORE MONEY in your pocket!

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